November 2013 4-H Meeting

At the Reeves County 4-H meeting this last Monday, everyone got to meet Elsie, Gidget Taylor milk cow. Mrs. Taylor told us that Elsie is a Jersey Milk Cow.   Mrs. Taylor explained to us that Elsie is on a steady diet of alfalfa hay and sweet cake. The reason behind this is that sweet feed improves taste of the milk, if the cow ingests one sour weed, the milk will not taste very good. Jet Taylor then demonstrated how to milk Elsie as Mrs. Taylor added that if a milk cow does not want to be milked, she can with-hold the milk in various ways. Elsie feeds orphaned calves. She can feed up to six at a time. Everyone then took turns milking Elsie, who despite the commotion, remained calm and allowed the children to do so.

There are many more awesome, fun and exciting activities awaiting you in 4-H, and even some chances to collect scholarships and community service for your college application. We are doing Meals on Wheels on December 30th. For more information, contact the Reeves County AgriLife Extension office at 432.447.9041. Hope to see you at the next       4-H meeting!

Alex Lobstein, 4-H President

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